Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at Oregon State University

Registration for Dog n' Jog

All runners are required to sign a registration form to participate in the race. Runners can pre-register at a discounted rate, or register during race check-in at 7:45 am on Saturday, April 21st. The admission to run will be $15.00 for pre-registration and $20.00 for day-of registration.

Admission to the Dog n' Jog Activities will be free to the public!

To register, please print the Dog n' Jog Registration form below, sign the document, and submit it to us via mail or email. The Dog n' Jog Individual Risk Waiver forms will be available at the PVMA booth but you are welcome to print them out and send them to us along with your registration form(s).

                 We are accepting cash and/or checks made out to "PVMA at OSU."

Our mailing address is:

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association
c/o Oregon State University
112 Withycombe Hall
Corvallis, OR 97333

Or email your forms to:
  2017-2018 Fundraising Coordinators:

 Larissa Pless                        Ashlyn Brewster

    Plessl@oregonstate.edu     Brewstas@oregonstate.edu

Dog n' Jog Fun Run T-shirts

Pre-registration comes with one t-shirt! Additional shirts can be bought at the PVMA booth on the day of the race. 

 (New 2018 T-shirt designs are on their way!)