Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at Oregon State University


Volunteer Opportunities

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association members are encouraged to regularly volunteer in their local community. Members who accumulate 20 hours of volunteer work or more per term will be able to attend a fun surprise event that our Volunteer Coordinator plans at the end of each term. These hours not only help you gain the experience necessary to apply to veterinary school, but also help PVMA qualify for grants and additional funding. Therefore, please submit your hours even if you do not intend to join us at the surprise events!

Which activities should you record?

  • Volunteer activities (even ones which are not animal- or veterinary-related)
  • Unpaid veterinary experiences (such as shadowing a veterinarian)
  • Unpaid animal experiences (such as volunteering at the humane society or working on a farm)
  • Unpaid research experience
  • Pre-Veterinary Medical Association volunteer events (such as Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Fences for Fido, or Dog n' Jog)
  • Oregon State University volunteer activities (such as helping at school events and fundraisers)
  • Leadership (time spent serving as an officer for a club)

Which activities do not count?

  • Attending Pre-Veterinary Medical Association meetings
  • Attending Pre-Veterinary Medical Association activities (such as visiting Wildlife Safari or attending Dog n' Jog as a guest)
  • Paid experiences (these are important and should be recorded on your Veterinary Medical College Application Service)

Click on the link below to access an Excel spreadsheet on which you can record your volunteer hours for Pre-Veterinary Medical Association submission. Under File, select Download and save the spreadsheet to your computer so you can edit it. Send that file to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Need ideas of places to volunteer or work at? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for a list of organizations that are always accepting volunteers!

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