Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at Oregon State University


Mock Multiple Mini Interviews

What To Expect

The Mock Multiple Mini Interview room will be set up such that four stations are arranged with two veterinarians or other veterinary authority sitting at each. 

As an interviewee, you will choose an available station and, at the start of the time, will be given a prompt by the veterinarians. The prompt is meant to resemble a question that could actually be asked during an actual interview for veterinary school. You will have two minutes to read the prompt and figure out how you would respond in the situation described. 

Next, you will have eight minutes to describe your response to the prompt to the two veterinarians as you would in an actual interview for veterinary school. In this period of time, the two veterinarians will also have the opportunity to ask supplemental questions and give you advice on presentation, dress, etc. 

After this ten-minute interview is done, you will rotate to a new station and repeat the process with a different prompt and pair of veterinarians. Once you have done two different interviews, your session will be done. 


Please come between ten and fifteen minutes early so we can start the sessions right on time. This is polite to the veterinarians, who are graciously volunteering their time to make these Mock Multiple Mini Interviews possible! Check in with a Pre-Veterinary Medical Association officer when you arrive so that we can confirm your attendance.  

Dress professionally, as you would to an actual veterinary school interview. Slacks and khakis are appropriate dress forms, whereas jeans are not.

Lastly, have fun! These Mock Multiple Mini Interviews are designed to develop your interviewee skills, not cause stress. Don't forget that the veterinarians are people too, and only want to help you by offering encouragement and constructive criticism!

Need additional resources?

Here are a couple of links that might be helpful if you haven't already researched information regarding the Multiple Mini Interview style: 

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