Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at Oregon State University


American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA) National Symposium

"The APVMA Symposium, an annual two-day event, brings together prospective veterinary students from all over the country for an opportunity to learn more about the field of veterinary medicine. This event is also a great opportunity for all students pursuing a career in veterinary medicine because it provides students with an opportunity to speak with representatives from different veterinary schools in attendance.  

"The APVMA Symposium comes with many learning prospects, new friendships, and a greater sense of how to achieve the dream of becoming a veterinarian. An entire day of the symposium is filled with lectures and hands-on labs pertaining to advances, techniques, and opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine. The hands-on labs range from learning suture knots and stitches to learning species anatomy through necropsy. Lectures are often given by individuals in the field of veterinary medicine that have made significant contributions to the profession, and there are typically sessions about the application process and preparing for veterinary school as well. Additionally, special guest speakers present at the two dinners Friday and Saturday night!"

- American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

How to Register

The 2018-2019 APVMA symposium will be held at Penn State on March 8th and 9th, 2019. For more information about APVMA and the National Symposium visit the link below or talk to our Symposium Coordinator or President.

Registration is not yet open, but more information will be posted on this page and shared at Pre-Veterinary Medical Association member meetings as it is available. 

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